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 The truth about Scholarhelper is that it proves there is still hope for Nigeria, Nigeria have been through hell and back and into hell again, from corrupt government to another and also inter changing between military government and authoritarian government in the name of civilian rule and most parent can't sponsor the education of their wards. But I'm not here to elaborate the problems of Nigeria or Africa as a whole. So, quick question, how would you feel if you did not depend on parents and/or guardian for you future and sponsorship of you education? But can set it up with your own hands, YES, it is possible because there is always light at the end of the tunnel.
 Scholarhelper is a new and innovative platform established by a score of Nigerian students. It came along as a means to assist various varieties of people in and out of Nigeria that aspire to get scholarship and further their education are granted that wish. For more emphasis, it is a platform whereby students, graduates and parents, individuals and even groups can easily further their education with the help and support of established institutions like UNICEF, The Bill Foundation, The MTN foundation, Seplat scholarship, Agbami, Agip, Chevron and Exxon Mobil scholarships, The YALE University annual scholarship, The University of West England annual scholarship along with some other prominent scholarship. It is as simple as that, learning has never gotten smarter and easier.

scholarhelper logo    Scholarhelper is a subsidiary of Visionary Concept Cooperation with the  main aim of  ensuring that any individual or group of interested persons that register and subscribe to Scholarhelper would get a secure spot in any scholarship that he/she or they are eligible for. Scholarhelper ensures that scholarships as well as internships  are awarded to the aspiring persons in a professional manner, so they don't miss out on the opportunity of been sponsored in the higher institution of their choice as well as furthering their education in order to be reasonable, essential and a functioning member of their various societies and country as a whole.

  There are a lot of benefits you enjoy when you are associated with scholarhelper
 First and most importantly, with scholarhelper, you don't only get to know about the scholarship, the programme also makes you enjoy privileges such as;
1. The programme helps you register for any scholarship you are eligible for in a whole year and gives you a 85% chance of been short listed for a scholarship. Chances varies as the strict rules and/or competition in the scholarship varies. But if the scholarship would be the best chance for you, The programme as well as her staff makes it their priority to ensure a place for you in the scholarship is secured and that you fulfill your goal, which is to further your education in order to be reasonable,essential and also to be a functioning member of your society and country as a whole.

2. When or before short listed, the program, Scholarhelper helps you secure a spot in the scholarship through our various channels and we also give you free tutorials, provide a secure means of  transport to any where in and out of Nigeria for the scholarship test or interview, we provide you with adequate materials and ensure that your documents and/or credentials are orderly and accurate before submitting it to the institution and/or organization that is giving out the scholarship.

 So, if you were to write an essay of say 2000 words and was able to write more or less, you simply contact us and we would be help spice up the work before submitting it to the institution and/or organization providing the scholarship.

3. And finally, we notify you and keep you up to date on updates bordering both on your application and scholarship. We also manage your applications, with your consent, given total control and power, to personalize your application to your advantage.  So, when you forget about your exams and/or interview we make it our priority to make sure that all our subscribers get a scholarship reminder and notification through call, text and even broadcasting it on the social media to make sure you are aware of your interview and/or exams
You enjoy these and a whole lot more on scholarhelper. Simply subscribe to this platform, register and get a scholarship as simple as that.

You can also reach us on

facebook; facebook,com/scholarhelper
whatsapp; 08027978008, 07082368488
And on our address; favour's kitchen, close to girl's hostel opposite Glo Mast Unizik, Awka.

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