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Wednesday, October 3, 2018

5 Things that can Prevent You from Gaining Admission in 2019.

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 For university aspirants, JAMB could be the biggest work of the devil in your life but it not totally your fault. Maybe your village people have conspired against you so fear not, for in this article I will be revealing their plans against your life.
First, of, JAMB  wasn't put in place to delay your future but to see how smart you are and help you grow in the higher institution but a lot of people have given up on JAMB and gone into trading or found "a way" to get into school without JAMB.

So, I'll be revealing five top reasons why you have been repeating JAMB over and over. So, sit back and relax I'll take you to a land far away. Here are 5 things that can prevent you from gaining admission this year.

1. You are the cause

  Yes, before blaming anyone or moaning on the sight of your jamb score take a good look at your self. Did you go for tutorials?  Did you study hard, did you pray? (prayers works wonders no matter your religion), did you leave your Gotv, ps4 and whats app alone? Of course, you didn't. So, before you seat for your JAMB of post Utme you'll need to be ready to give it your best and how do you do that? First, have to understand that this is probably one of the biggest exams in your life and it determines your future as you go to school to study it. So, you have to leave all distractions and focus on your papers and how do you attain this focus. Well first of, it would be nice if you knew the brochure and syllabus of your selected institution. Many successes have been recorded due to accurate attention to the brochure and syllabus, master them and let it, guild, your studies. Then, you get a good study habit, no matter tight your schedule always finds time to sit and read. If you follow these step you are set to go just make sure you register for JAMB on time and go to your exam center early enough with you essential materials such as writing materials, passports, JAMB printout and dress appropriately.

2. The policy behind JAMB

     The JAMB policy was made to enable all Nigerians to go into a higher institution in order to foster academic growth to O'level student, so as to make the profitable members of the society.

   But secret they are here to destroy your life, stories have been told of people writing JAMB eight times, that means they were writing since they were 18 and now they are 26 and are preparing write JAMB for the ninth time, wasting away their lives. I don't mean abuse and I don't mean to be insulting and funny, but its the truth. The exam after writing was designed in favor of the north, to enable they go to school. Let me explain better, the northerners do not go to schools,  they are schools but no one attends them. So the solution the ministry of education came up with was to manipulate the data in favor of the people up in the North. So, if you score 209. You don't get admission when someone from the North scores 129. He gets admission and a secured job to encourage other Northerners to go to school. But make others fail for their sake. And discouraging a lot of people. I'm sure you heard of people JAMB score changing. So, it's not totally your fault.

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3. Misinformation.

   A lot of JAMB candidates have been misled into believing that there will be runs on the day of the exam, fake information and rumors making students vulnerable to the vices of JAMB.

4. Computer illiteracy

  Yes, if you don't know anything about computers you've already failed JAMB. Do you think answers are just picked, you need to know how to log in and use a calculator when needed and among other things like know essential keys. So if you don't know how to dial in keys in your computer learn how to do it today.

5. Poorly equipped exam center-

 Finally, the exam center. A lot of exam center has been sued because of one sort of problem ranging from bad server to bad network, malpractice of all sorts and damaged computer parts or motherboard.
  So, now you know. The initial points I made here is that JAMB is not totally hard. It's your village people in one way or the other that have been holding you back in one way or another. But on a serious note, when you write JAMB and pass, you'll see that JAMB was not hard in any way. So take heart, go hard and Good luck.