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Thursday, October 4, 2018

How To Register For NNU Income Program and Make Money.

NNU Income Program Registration is the topic which we are going to be tutoring today. A lot of people who are truing to earn money while being a NIPer (NNU Income Program member) find it hard to register. Not just that the system is too hard for them to operate but that, they lack guidance and instruction that will teach them on the right way to register for NNU Income Program

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Before tutoring you on the NNU Income Registration, I will like you to know that NNU Income Program is one of the reliable ways to make money with your smartphone, computer system or laptop, because you don’t get to do much work, except to comment on posts, share posts to your Facebook timeline, invite friends and that’s how you make your money on NNU Income Program just by doing 3 simple tasks. It’s users are mainly people from Nigeria, but that doesnt mean that it is restricted to Nigerians alone. If you are from other countries in Africa, be it Ghana, Togo, South Africa, Kenya, Malawi, Tanzania and others, you can also register to be a member of NNU Income Program. Residents living in and around UK, US, Australia and other European countries are not restricted from joining and enjoying the privileges of being a full member and participant of NNU Income Program, you can join this great platform from any location which you are based.
NNU Income Program has been in existence since July 2017 when it came on board and since then, it has been paying people monthly for tasks which they do.You have no fears to register as a member, NNU is a company registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria, you have no worries or doubts of getting scammed on the program. The payout reaches 5 million and above; that is why you should be a member now and be a part of the people who will share in the payout cake. I have got you covered already and that is why I want to guide you on NNU registration so that you won’t make any mistake while trying to register.

5 Things that can Prevent You from Gaining Admission.
What Details And Properties Do I Need For NNU Registration?
This is the first question which you should ask yourself while trying to register as an NNU member. Since you don’t have an instructor to teach you on NNU Registration guide, you should pay serious attention to this article. There are no much thing or details needed for NNU Registration. Before joining you NNU Income Program; you should have the following details and properties on check.
1. Facebook Account: This is the first thing you should have to register for NNU Income program. Getting a Facebook Account is not complex or difficult, even an internet browsing phone will create a new facebook account for you in the space of 2 minutes. You can create a Facebook account on if you don’t have one.
2. Email Address: You should have a mail address, be it hotmail, yahoo or a google mail (Gmail). An email address will be required from you for you to register. An email address is highly important and should be cajoled with because, that is the way by which you will be contacted and notified by the company. If you have a new referral, the way they make you aware is by your email address, so you should have an email address for NNU Registration.
3. Phone number: Your phone number is needed in the registration.
4. Bank Account: What else do you use a bank account to do if not to receive payments and keep your money. If you dont have a bank account, you can still register for NNU and later you will enter your bank account details when you have become a member. Your bank account details such as your Bank Name, Account Number and Account Name will be needed by the NNU Adminstator for you to get paid once your account is approved or ready for payment.
5. N1600: Lastly, for you to register as a member and take part in NNU Revenue Share allocation, you will pay a fee of N1600. You don’t have to fear or have doubts about the program, you will make your capital of N1600 in a space of one week on NNU Income Program. N1,600 (One thousand, sic hundred naira) is a one-time registration fee for NNU Income. There are no extra charges or monthly charges, you only pay once to be a member of NNU Income Program.
Is NNU Income Program Real or Fake?
I cannot condemn or ridicule you for asking this question. You are not yet a member, but on reading this article, you will be one soon, so I urge you not to believe lies and speculations that NNU Income Program is a fraud or a scam. I want to let you know that NNU Income Program pays every member as long as their account is approved and due for payment as they obey the rules of the company.
N1600 is not too small for you to fear or risk. You are assured of getting that money in the space of 7 days while being a member of NNU Income Program, and that is why you must invest to be a member today. It is only taking you N1,600 to be a member of NNU Income Program and I assure you that you will not regret being a member or investing your N1,600 in the program.

What Do I Need To Do To Make Money on NNU Income Program
The program is improving on a daily basis and bringing out new ways by which you can make money on the platform. Inorder for you to make money on NNU Income Program after registration is for you to complete 5 simple tasks which a 7-year-old child can do on his own.
Here are the things which you are entitled to do to make money on NNU Income Program:-
1. Share Posts To Facebook: After NNU Income Program Registration; your account will be approved after payment and you will be able to share posts. Go to your Sponsored post tab; you should follow the instructions and share the post on your facebook timeline and you will be paid for that activity.
2. Comment On Posts: Your Comment costs N2. This means that you get 2 naira for every comment on a post. The rules are that you should not comment twice on a post and do not copy and paste the same comment over and over again in 2 or more posts.
3. Post in Forum: NNU Income Program has developed from a blog to a super website that has a forum. In this forum, you can raise topics and get paid for raising topics. Be it an article, poem, epistle, post, news or anything you wish to share, you can post it in the forum and get paid for it.
4. Refer people: Just as you are a member, you can refer some other people to join the program and you get credited and paid when you refer people to join the program.
5. Daily Login: Are you aware that you will get paid by visiting NNU Income Program alone. Whenever you log in and visit their site, you get paid, all these privileges are entitled to its registered members alone, that is why you should register now and save your time.
To break it down in simple analysis, NNU Income Program will pay you in advance as a member on their platform. You get an assured sum of N350 (Three hundred and fifty naira) daily.
You will earn N100 for sharing an assigned posts to Facebook.
You will earn N50 for logging in and visiting their website.
You will earn N100 for raising a topic on their forum
You will also earn N2 for each comment you make on their blog posts.
To sum it all, you can also make N1000 for each person that registers with your link.
If you are able to convince people, you will smile at the bank with the help of this program. Some people make at least 4,000 daily and cashout at a rate of 120,000 above with this program, you can actually become one of them.
Whats the Minimum Payout On NNU Income Program?
The CEO of NNU Income, Paul Samson of G=Cyber Technologies have stated that for you to be paid as a member on NNU Income Program , you should have at least N5,000 on your dashboard. Inorder for you to have that amount, you should be active on the program. Getting referrals is also a quick way of making more than N5000.
How Will I Receive The Money?
This shouldn’t be a problem or hindrance as NNU Income will pay you straight to your bank account once you request for withdrawal on the platform.
NNU Income Program Registration Guide
I guess you now understand how NNU Income Program works, the next step which you will have to make is to start making money immediately.
You have read on NNU Registration Guide on this blog and just cant wait to start making money as fast as possible. I want you to still remember that it costs N1,600 for you to be a member and for people in foreign countries, it costs $4 (4 US Dollars) for you to register and be a member of NNU Income Program. This shouldn’t hold you back since you are rest assured that you will make more than that after one week.
l After that, it will take you to the website, at the top, click on “Join NNU Income”.

l After clicking on it, it will take you to another fresh page, click on the “Register Now” button and it will take you to a NNU Income Registration Page.
All you have to do is to fill in the form with your First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Phone Number. Then you set a username and password for your account; this shouldn’t be disclosed to anybody.

After that, if you are going to pay online with your ATM Card, you should use VoguePay and pay. But if you don’t have an ATM Card for payment, you will have to buy coupon codes and pay via deposit bank transfer.

After you are done with your NNU Income Registration, a mail will be sent to your email to confirm that you truly registered with the company. After that, your account will be approved.
This is the registration guide about NNU Income Program, happy earning on the platform. Don’t forget to register with out link if you are interested in Registering, or you email and with your N1600, we will help you get registered on the platform, and start earning.

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  1. For people that asked “is NNU Income Program legit? ” I can boldly say yes it is. it's the best way to make money fast in Nigeria today. thanks for sharing this educative article.