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Thursday, October 4, 2018

7 Cool Ways to Become Rich on Campus

Ways to Become Rich on Campus

In this article, i made a list of the 7 Coolest Ways to Become Rich on Campus.

As a student, you have a constant demand for money, especially from home. But you probably want to make legit money while you are still schooling and be able to stand on your own. But you don’t know how to go about it? If your answer to the questions above is a YES, then this post was composed especially for you.

First thing first, you don’t need permission from anyone to be successful. They neither should you wait for your parents, teachers or a motivational speaker to teach you " how to be successful". Just take action and that is all, you will reap the reward of your labor in bulk or in bits, depending on how you've sown. The truth is that, waiting till after you've graduated to start searching for a job is a big waste of time.

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There are already over 50million unemployed youths plus millions of underemployed and/or underpaid workers. This ugly situation has taken away the joy of many graduates to continue searching for a good job, but later on, they enter into one or various means in order to be self-sustained during and after school. This post was composed to show you the different strategies in which you can start earning money as a University, Polytechnic or College of education student in Nigeria.

cool ways to make money on campus

1. Securing a Scholarship:

This is one of the coolest and easiest way to make money on Campus. This is the only way to make money as a student without any stress and still prove that you are a student. By getting a scholarship, you can secure up yo N250,000 every year, which is enough for your fees, feeding and other minor requirements and still send home to your parents and siblings. It doesn’t get better than this, NEVER. If you are a lazy student better get up and start making inquiries about ongoing scholarships. And start earning as a student, you’ve got nothing to lose.

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7 Cool Ways to Become Rich on Campus

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cool ways to become rih on campus

2. Selling Phones and/or other Gadgets Online/Offline in and out of campus:

As a student, you are required to have the best phones or laptops. Some students even go around with expensive phones and other gadgets that is equal to or double your school fees. This is one of the coolest way to make money on Campus, but most times, students put their gadget on sale looking for who to buy their used gadget or exchange it for a better model. You can be known as a reliable and trustworthy re-seller, with your help, the gadget can be bought or sold within and out of the school premises and secure a certain percentage from both parties. You may not need to be in possession of their phones; you only need to connect the buyer and the seller, and you get your own commission at the end of the deal and move on to another customer. You can also make cash by selling these used or unwanted materials on e-commerce sites like OLX, JIJI, MOBOFREE and get paid for your service before or after the deal is done, whichever one you’d prefer.

cool ways to become ricch in campus

3. Home Lesson/Tutorial for Students:

This is another cool way to make money in your campus. As a student, you can be able to set aside free time to tutor primary, secondary school, and even university students that have a problem keeping up in class. This will not take much of your time, at most ten hours per week but can earn you up to N35,000 or more per month. You can put up a short advert around the school, walkways and on Whatsapp groups on your services and the rate. But be careful when teaching your roommates or course-mates such people will avoid compensating you financially.

cool ways to make money on campus

4. Catering/Ushering and Security Business:

There is always something going on on campus, there is always a party, get together, audition shows and talk shows, beauty pageant and one sort of competition or the other. You can get yourself engaged by one or two of these gatherings and besides, you get the benefit of securing a portion of the sweet smelling and chilled refreshments.This is one of the coolest way to make money on Campus,  once you are recognized in gatherings around campus as an usher, caterer or even security, the calls will keep coming in asking you to come around during weekend, weekdays and even nights. Doing this is not in any way capital intensive, it only requires you to be smart and work with a team. It also increases your cognitive reasoning since you are the solution to all problem in the event

cool ways to becoe rich on campus

5. Become a Freelancer, graphic designer, and advertiser:

As I said earlier, there is always something going on on campus, If you have a laptop and have access to the internet and any of the skill listed above, you are ready to start earning from these programmes. Just make research on any of these activities and let them know you are capable making something creative for them, you can also search for available jobs on Google or sell your services on Fiverr, you see how lucrative this business is. You can also place a banner around the school premises, this creates a lot of awareness and publicity.

Be a housing Agent

6. Be a housing Agent:

The housing business is a whole lot lucrative in the cities as well as in schools. Many students prefer hostels off campus which is very limited in numbers and availability. Every student wants an accommodation that has constant electricity and water supply, security and close to the school and various means of transport. With the limited accommodation around our institutions and challenges in securing quality accommodation. You can be an agent. You only need to know basic facts about the lodges and hostels, their prices and the requirements. You will also need to contact the landlords of those buildings and agree on your commission. Since students are in daring need of apartments you help them secure apartments or hostel space even before resumption, This is one of the easiest way to make money on Campus.

Being a mini wholesale or a retailer

7. Being a mini wholesale or a retailer:

This is one of the coolest way to make money on Campus, Set aside a day and stroll around campus, you will find out that there is an unlimited number of the eatery in your campus. You see that these kiosks, shops and roadside sellers need a cheaper and constant supply of foodstuff to make their daily dishes. Though it requires a large capital to start up but imagine being the number supply of rice, beans, Garri, flour and egg on campus. That’s how easy it is to earn money as a student. All it takes you is a little dedication and you can be counted as much as N50,000 in profits.

You can also practice it on a smaller scale like selling sachet water, provisions, bread and even some of your foodstuff in bits and secure some cash from time to time. Believe me, there is a lot of money in retailing, you buy in bulk and sell in bits, it doubles your income. Just try not to eat all your business earning cause you won’t be happy with yourself when you do.

In all things, never forget that you came to school to learn and secure a degree, do not let the love of money let you turn your eyes away from the target. You can’t serve two masters at ones, if these jobs are too tasking on you as a student, you can quit for a while and come back when you can give it your very be

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